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Von Anna Maria Schott, member of CC, erhielten wir diesen Pfingstgruß:

"Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, each one speaking according to the gift of the Spirit.”
Pentecost, the feast of ecumenism par excellence! Feast of Christian Unity!
The pipes of an organ, whatever their size and the sound they emit, are all important and are animated by the same breath to play in harmony. It is the same for us, whatever our languages and the Christian denomination to which we belong, our churches and chapels, we are all animated by the same Breath, the same Spirit, Spirit of the same Father. Let us never forget : the same Spirit!  May this Spirit give our Forum the breath of love, peace, joy, boldness and courage to continue singing a beautiful harmony.

“Unpredictable breath Spirit of God
Wind that revives Spirit of God
Stormbreath Spirit of God
Open our windows Spirit of God
Spirit of Pentecost Spirit of God
Strength of the apostles Spirit of God
Spirit of truth, breeze of the Lord
Spirit of freedom, pass into our hearts.”

Happy Pentecost (now or in a few days) to all of you my sisters.
Anne-Marie Schott