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Aus Serbien erhielten wir diese Information:


Dear sister in Christ,I hope you are all doing well and experiencing God’s protection and love. In the name of the Ecumenical forum group from Vojvodina, Serbia I would like to inform you that we are very much involved in preparing the regional conference, - a neighborhood meeting for our sisters of Ecumenical Forum from the region (Ex YU -countries). The title of the conference is „Women and migration“. The project is supported and co-funding by the Jacqueline Stuyt Legacy Fund which we are grateful for. The conference will take place in Novi Sad, from 7-9th of October 2022. This event will gather women from Ecumenical forum groups from our region as well as non-formal women groups from Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, and Bosnia and Hercegovina which whom we have long-term cooperation in the region.This is just a short announcement for upcoming eventLove and grace Marija ParnickiEcumenical Forum group from Vojvodina, Serbia